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We will be starting a blog in due course and eventually plan to migrate our discussion forum from Yahoo! groups over to our blog. We hope to make it easier for everyone to discuss on anything and everything!   

Membership Drive

Did you or do you know of someone who studied in Germany or spent some time in Germany or just love all things German? Do join us as a member/associate member! For more information, do not hesitate to drop us a mail.




Do not forget! We meet at Paulaner for lunch on the first Friday of each month. Prost!

Culture & Education

 Foreign Cultural and Education Policy Alongside political and economic relations, foreign cultural and education policy is an important pillar of Germany's foreign policy.

 This is a way of reaching people in other countries.

It presents Germany in a variety of different ways.

Culture and education are instruments that generate confidence and trust in Germany around the world. It thus lays broad foundations on which to build stable international relations. 

Studying in Germany

Germany is an increasingly attractive place in which to study, offering international degrees such as Bachelor and Master degrees, courses taught in English and a system which enables credits for attendance and examination passes to be accumulated and transferred. 

DAAD - Studying in Germany

 The Centre Director Dr. Susanne Rentzow-Vasu (© SRV)

The DAAD – short for Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst or German Academic Exchange Service – is Germany’s principal agency for the support of international academic cooperation and exchange.

 It supports the worldwide exchange of international students, graduates, academics and scientists within the framework of more than 200 different programmes.

 The DAAD Information Centre Singapore opened its doors in 2001.

 Our goal is to help students and researchers from Singapore benefit from Germany’s world-class education and research opportunities.

Since 2001, hundreds of interested students have paid the Info Centre a personal visit to get hands on advice and free information material on study and research opportunities in Germany.

An even higher number of people have made contact with the Centre via email or visited the centre’s website, which gives access to a wealth of information.

The so-called International Degree Courses offered by German universities are very often the focus of interest.

These programmes, which are taught primarily in English and lead to internationally recognised Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees, have proved tremendously popular with students from abroad.

Generously subsidized by the German government with very moderate tuition fees, these world-class degree programmes are attracting growing numbers of international students to boost their careers with a degree made in Germany.

Study opportunities cover a vast variety of subjects ranging from Computer Science and Engineering to Economics and Law or Social and Cultural Studies. 

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